Message from the Rector


Dear students and guardians,

I sincerely greet you all on behalf of myself and my institution. First of all, I would like to explain the word, “Rumeli” which bears the name of our university.

Being a Rumelian is not only a national identity or a part of geography.  It also expresses a cultural belonging. It is a cultural environment rooted and nourished by Mevlana's teachings extending from Anatolia to the Balkans. It has been enlightened and crowned with the torch of independence and civilization that was lit by Atatürk who came from the Balkans. Rumelia is a loving environment which is a cultural bridge between the east and west that blends societies with each other.

Therefore, our University’s mission is to educate students who have contemporary vision, global thinking skills and who possess patriotism and strong national values. They are stripped of all kinds of dogma, memorized facts and streotypes. They can detect differences and details,  and generate independent ideas and thoughts. Our University aims to prepare students who are inquisitive as well as analytical, solution-oriented and creative.

Dear students, our University offers you an active educational experience with countless social activities as well as life-oriented education in a loving environment and peaceful atmosphere that has been created by its rector, academics and entire staff. These continuous and out-of-class activities contribute to your personal development and strengthen your communication skills. In addition, by creating an intellectual environment where science and art can be discussed in a multi-faceted way, we value the development of our students’ ability to understand and use information rather than merely memorize knowledge.

Thus, Rumeli University offers many privileges to its students. Graduates start life one step ahead compared to their peers with their qualifications. This is not a simple wish, hope or ambition but a reality. For example, the KPSS Thrace first place ranking student came out of our university. Our student, with the score he received has been placed amongst graduates from the top fifty universities in Turkey. Furthermore, other students have achieved success and won first prize on behalf of our university in other fields even before graduation.

Throughout Istanbul, our University has seven campuses and practice hospitals, four faculties and a college with 13 departments. There are 16 programs under our Vocational School of Health Services and 11 programs under our Vocational School. Moreover, our Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science offer graduate education in three departments.

Dear students, we believe that you will enlighten your surroundings, your society and your country in which you live in with the education you receive. You will experience happiness in serving this beautiful country which is swiftly developing on the path of contemporary civilizations.

Dear parents, entrust your children for whom you have made great efforts without any doubt to us; Let us educate them and raise each as professionals who are well-equipped, committed to their values and whose hearts are full of patriotism.

Let us all pride in their achievements.

Best regards,